Why Choose And Placement

Having been on both sides of the agency role, we understand both the candidate and client perspectives.  We believe in being honest with candidates by providing all of the details we know about a position.  We want you to feel comfortable and confident about the next career move you make.  Longevity in positions is our goal.

We are constantly seeking the best professionals in the domestic service and corporate industry.  In addition, we welcome candidates who are trying to begin a career in the field.  At And Placement, we look beyond the number of years you have within the industry.  We strive to understand the skill set that you have amassed throughout your working career and identify how it can be translated into different environments. 

When contacting us, please understand that a full interview is always required, and prepare yourself with the following documents - a full and up-to date resume, three professional references with phone numbers and email addresses to verify previous employment, letters of recommendation and proof of eligibility to work in the USA.  Once you have been offered a position by one of our clients, we will perform an in depth background check at no cost to the candidate.