Estate Manager

In charge of multiple residences often located in different states and countries. Responsible for ensuring that the House Manager at each individual property is maintaining the residence at the expected standards and managing daily operations. Often required to have experience with renovation projects. Travel may be required.

  • Manage multiple residences
  • Coordinate on a regular basis with the House Managers about daily events
  • Travel between residences and manage special projects
  • Thorough understanding of the operation of all residences
  • Responsible for all department heads at each residence, House Managers, Landscapers, Housekeepers, Chauffeurs, Maintenance
  • Create and maintain household manuals for each property
  • Manage household bank account, credit cards and budgets
  • Maintain inventory of all art, furniture and household items
  • Here are some examples of duties that may be required. This list is not conclusive and responsibilities vary greatly from position to position.


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