House Manager

The director of the house, leads and manages all of the staff ensuring that everything happens as and when it should. Responsible for the daily operations of the residence and coordinates tasks for all of the household staff such as housekeepers, landscapers, maintenance, etc. Plans and coordinates details for special events, luncheons, dinner parties, and receptions. Works closely with contractors and designers for projects and renovations.

  • Coordinate and manage household staff on daily basis
  • Manage daily events of the residence
  • Coordinate account billing and payments
  • Identify and resolve maintenance issues
  • Organize special events including Luncheons and Dinners
  • Coordinate with Executive and Personal Assistant regard daily events
  • Work as project manager and work closely with contractors, architects and interior designers
  • Coordinate menus with Chef
  • Purchase various household items for the residence and principles
  • Here are some examples of duties that may be required. This list is not conclusive and responsibilities vary greatly from position to position.


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