Interview Tips

• Always dress to your best in a way that the position demands. We can advise on a case by case basis.  For management positions, such as corporate, executive, butlers and personal assistants, or any position where there is a possibility you could be required to wear a suit, wear a dark business suit to the interview.  My preference is a white shirt or blouse and a nice tie for men which can add color.  The goal is to look groomed but not overstated and in the best possible light. If the enviroment is more casual wear slacks and a blazer with no tie. Shorts and jeans do not have a place in the interview setting. This is a time to sell yourself and present yourself in the best possible light. Remember: You never get a second chance at a first impression.  You will never leave saying, "I should have worn jeans."  However, do not put yourself in a situation saying, "I should have worn a suit."

• Always take a copy of your resume to the interview.  Have one folded nicely in a envelope in your jacket pocket.  Consider taking two copies just in case.  If possible, print your resume on nice linen paper.  It shows a little extra attention to detail.  Take a briefcase or shoulder bag if you need anything.  Ideally do not take anything unless it is necessary.

• Cell phones, pagers - Turn them off.  Do not just turn it on vibrate. Even if the interviewer does not hear the phone, the vibration of the phone in your pocket is a distraction.  If your phone begins to vibrate while you are speaking, it could make you lose your thoughts.

• Before the interview, always prepare a few good questions to ask the interviewer.  Sometimes the questions will be answered naturally through the course of the interview and you will be left without any questions to ask when it comes time.  If this situation arises, review your list of questions and say that all of your questions have been covered.  You may mention one of the most important topics, explain how it was answered and why it was an important piece of information.

• If the interview is at a location that you are not familiar with, consider taking some time to find the location the day before or at least several hours before the interview appointment.  Arrive 15 minutes early, find a place to sit down, relax, and review your resume and questions.  If it is a very hot day, you can find an air conditioned place to relax so you do not arrive sweating.  Arrive at the interview location 5 minutes early.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: As a candidate, do I have to pay a commission when I am hired?

A: No. All of our fees are covered by the company hiring you.

Q: Will you check my background when I am hired?

A: Yes. We always complete full background and credit checks, including references and previous work experiences. 

Q: Can you help me obtain a work visa?

A: No. All applicants must be able to provide proof of eligibility to work legally in the USA unless the listing states differently. 

Q: Am I guaranteed a position when using your agency?

A: No. While we try our best to place all applicants, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that you will be hired by one of our clients.