Domestic and Executive Recruitment Agency

And Placement is a boutique staffing agency, specializing and priding ourselves in finding the perfect fit for both client and candidate. With over 20 years of experience in private households and corporate environments, we use our extensive knowledge in these settings to help our clients meet their domestic and executive staffing needs seamlessly, whether it be for a household, home office, or corporate establishment. 


Estate Managers

In charge of multiple residences often located in different states and countries. Responsible for ensuring that the House Manager at each individual property is maintaining the residence at the expected standards and managing daily operations. Often required to have experience with renovation projects. Travel may be required. More Detail

House Managers

The director of the house, leads and manages all of the staff ensuring that everything happens as and when it should. Responsible for the daily operations of the residence and coordinates tasks for all of the household staff such as housekeepers, landscapers, maintenance, etc. Plans and coordinates special events, luncheons, dinner parties, and receptions. More Detail


Typical duties include caring for the inventory of the house, such as china, silver, crystal, linens, wine etc. Prepares menus with the Chef and oversees all luncheons, dinner parties, and events. Orders all non-food related household items. Should have a good knowledge of wines and beverages. May be required to have knowledge of formal dinner service. More Detail

Personal Assistant

Responsible for maintaining the social and professional calendars. Arranges extensive travel plans, vacations, gifts and anything the Principle requires. Travel is often required depending on the position and requirements of the Principle. Must be able to multitask in a fast paced and high demand environment. More Detail

Executive Assistant

The go to person when the Principle is in the office. Plans and coordinates meetings for the business and social calendars. The position may incorporate some of the duties listed under Personal Assistant depending on how the Principle’s needs and preference. More Detail

Private Chefs

Provides detailed menus and dishes to the desired taste and diet of the family from daily meals to events large and small. An excellent knowledge of food and seasonal produce required. Must be familiar with current trends in food presentation. Often responsible for purchasing all food. Should be well organized, willing and able to prepare meals on short notice. More Detail